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Access Control Systems

We supply a vast range of Access Control products from basic Keycode to networked systems which both control access and record personnel movement.
The most popular stand alone systems are either swipe-card or proximity card based. Both cards can also function as an I.D. device.
We can supply a printer for printing photographs and personal details on the card .
Customers can void or validate cards with ease.
We also supply the door locking hardware which can be solenoid or mag-lock controlled. Anti-passback and tailgating are also provided for in the systems.

Enter the next level - Our UNIQEY system is designed for controlling access to Hotel guest rooms.
The Front Desk unit is a complete security management system. It comprises of Hotel specific PC based UNIQEY card encoding software and offers an appropriate interface with your own property management system.

Features include:
    -The card record audit trail, who encoded which card and when.
    - One exclusive encoder for all master keys, Staff keys & Guest keys.
    - An optional printer for hard copies of management information.
    - The portable Programmer / Data collector.

All this is backed up by a professional system support service, where our standards of technical and customer support are impossible to match.


ERREKA Automatic Door Systems.

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